New email features in AbodeBooking

You now have more options and control over your guest emails sent from AbodeBooking. Customised email templates (confirmation, reminder, checkout and blank/other), timed reminder and timed confirmation emails are now available!   Key features included in the...

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Tips to improve your operational efficiency

With a long list of daily operational tasks, booking management and admin functions to think of, not to mention constantly striving to improve guest experience, achieving operational efficiency can be challenging. Here are some tips that can help.     1....

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How to avoid the dreaded double bookings?

Every hotelier’s worst nightmare; double bookings are bad for business efficiency and a terrible guest experience! So what can you do about it? Find the cause The solution to every problem begins with finding its cause. What could be causing double bookings or over...

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Choosing the right OTAs for your property

Some OTAs have very high commissions, some have too few visitors and others are just not the right fit for your audience. So which ones are best suited for your property type? Here are our recommendations. The massive online reach of OTAs makes them integral to every...

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