AbodeB&B is an online reservation management system with over 10 years serving accommodation owners. Abode can be used on any device and for most types of accommodation.

We offer:

  • An easy-to-use booking calendar
  • A mobile friendly booking page
  • Great efficiency
  • Personal support
  • Great value
  • No sign-up cost or contract
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Abode Pricing

Popular optional features

$10/per month + GST (per feature)
  • Additional 50 bookable spaces

  • Multi-user login & audit
  • Website booking engine
  • Itemised receipts & till functionality

Please contact us at hello@abodebooking.com and we can provide you with a firm pricing quote once we have a full understanding of your needs.

Abode’s Partners

"Abode Booking has been a great support for us here at Solscape. We love using a cloud based system we can access anywhere, anytime. We have a variety of accommodation and services (massage, yoga, breakfast add ons, surf board hire etc) which we sell all through the one easy to use system which is connected with Vend"

Reservations Team

Solscape, Raglan

"Abode Booking has made my life easier! I used to spend so much time processing bookings and putting together data for returns. This fuss-free automatic system has given me time to focus on my guests and myself" Toni

Kinloch Lodge, New Zealand

"I used to worry over reservation delays, ending up with too many or too few available rooms, and spend hours processing and inputing bookings. Now I can rely on Abode Booking to deal with most of these admin tasks and I can focus on attending to my guests!" Kevin

Green Kiwi, Singapore


Abode is a cloud based property management system serving small to medium sized accommodation providers for over 10 years.
Please contact us to see how we can help.

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