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When the property email address is blacklisted

Occasionally, the Abode mail service will blacklist the property email address. This happens when the properties email server rejects an email from Abode. After this, no other emails will be sent to this email address. Abode will now detect this issue on log-in and...

Price Plan added to Calendar Roll-Over

We have added the Price Plan to the calendar booking roll-over details. This makes it easier to see if a booking is on a price plan that is different from the Room Type, e.g. in Double but paying for Double with Breakfast.

New Option for Email Templates – Room Number and Door Code

We added a new option for you to use in your email templates: [Rooms] With the email tag [Rooms] you can let your guests know their room number and access code in a confirmation, arrival or reminder email. The tag will simply list the room number and door code (where...

Weekends highlighted on the calendar

We've now made it easier to view the calendar and add your manual bookings by highlighting the weekends. To turn this feature on select Settings > System Settings > General Options > Scroll down to Calendar > Highlight Weekends - ON.

Group cancellations

If you're managing large group bookings in your property you may find the numbers of rooms/beds required can change. And if your property accepts bus bookings you may find yourself regularly cancelling beds on the day to accommodate numbers. To save time managing...

Payment button

You have already noticed some changes to the payment button on your booking screen. This now gives you a lot more information to help you manage booking payments and money owed. The button will be an orange 'Payment Due' when the guest is owing money The button...

Cleaning forecast

We're big on timesaving at Abode and want to help you run your property efficiently; with less time on admin and more time focused on your guests. The new Cleaning Forecast in your AbodeBooking system helps you quickly figure out how many housekeeping staff you need...

Debtors Report

The debtors report can now be summarised by group to show combined totals where all members of the group start and finish on the same day. This helps reduce the length of report for properties with many and large groups.

Registration Form

The fields showing on the guest registration form can now be selected from the full list available. To do this, go to Settings > Field Selection and tick the registration check boxes as required.

Event Bar

Add the new event bar to your calendar to mark significant days in your year. To turn on, go to System Settings > Calendar > Show Event Bar. Events can be added by clicking on the event bar or adding in Settings > Events Dates.

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