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Registration Form

The fields showing on the guest registration form can now be selected from the full list available. To do this, go to Settings > Field Selection and tick the registration check boxes as required.

Event Bar

Add the new event bar to your calendar to mark significant days in your year. To turn on, go to System Settings > Calendar > Show Event Bar. Events can be added by clicking on the event bar or adding in Settings > Events Dates.

Group Bookings

The group booking page now has all selected fields available for editing. Where members of a group have different entries in a field, the field will be disabled and show the entry from the 'top' person. In this case, entries for all members may be reset using the...

New multi day/bed Bookings

It is now possible to select multiple days and rooms/beds when creating a new booking. Simply click and drag your mouse right and down empty space on the calendar. On release of the left mouse button a multi-night and/or multi-bed booking will be created. Please be...

Changes to cancelled bookings

We have made some changes in the way that Abode handles cancelled bookings. Hopefully these will make these bookings easier to handle. Deleting Where a booking can be deleted (showing in red with no details) the message prompt has been removed. This makes removing...

Context Menu Improvements

There are a number of improvements to the context menu that shows when right-clicking a booking in the calendar. The context menu options are now: Open... Opens an individual booking, even if it is a member of a group. Add Payment... Add a payment to an individual...

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