Features of Abode

Accommodation Booking System

Automatic Updating

Bookings made through your website, channel manager or other online booking channels are automatically included in Abode.

Accommodation Booking System

Website Booking Page

Provide instant confirmation to guests using our mobile responsive booking page.

Accommodation Booking System

Editable booking

Changing, moving or editing a booking is a simple one-click process.

Accommodation Booking System

Guest communications

We offer instant confirmation and departure emails, providing your guests with fast, personalised emails. This will help you reduces no-shows and save you time!

Accommodation Booking System


Simplify requirements and improve efficiency with daily housekeeping requirements, daily check-in and check-out summary and much more.

Accommodation Booking System

Customisable Calendar

Customise the look and feel of the booking calendar to suite you!

Abode's Partners

Abode is proud to partner with leading channel managers, payment providers and industry associations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the system provide automatic emails?


Yes, this is an optional feature you can choose to turn on or off.

You can choose to send your guests instant confirmation, as well as reminder emails a few days before travel and departure emails – keeping your customers happy and making your life hassle free.

Once a booking is made, your availability will be automatically updated, avoiding the risk of overbooking.

Do I need a website?

No, Abode Booking can be used as a booking management system regardless of whether you have a website or wish to take online bookings. If you do want to take online bookings we can provide you with a booking engine that can be embedded in your website.

Do I pay commission on bookings made through the Abode Booking online engine?

No, we endeavour to grow your online revenue and will never charge commission.

Do I have to add all of my available beds online?

No, you don’t have to add all of your available beds. Our system allows you to hold-back beds so these cannot be booked online, sometimes this is used when a room is being refurbished or for maintenance reasons.

How long does it take to set-up Abode Booking and how do I transfer my current bookings ?

It typically takes 7-10days to set-up and transfer your booking data to Abode Booking. If you are currently using a paper reservation management system you will need to enter the bookings manually into the system.

If you are currently using another reservation system then we may be able to transfer these electronically, please contact us and we can explore this option.

Does my website booking page need to be hosted or managed by Abode Booking?

No, we can be integrated with your booking page regardless of who hosts or manages with.

Is system training required?

Our system is simple to use and can be mastered in a matter of hours!

We provide all of the essential training which takes no time at all and can be done over the phone using a screen sharing tool.

Should you require any further training, we are most happy to provide this for you.

Further Questions?

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