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Happy Monday

by | Jan 15, 2018 | AbodeBooking, Features, Updates

Happy Monday
Couple of small but (hopefully) significant additions to AbodeBooking have been released today in our push to make AbodeBooking even better and easier to use.

Right-click Menu on Calendar
A right-click menu has been introduced for the booking blocks on the calendar page. This provides a quick short-cut to some functions for individual bookings. With this you can:

  • Extend a booking by 1 night
  • Shorten a booking by 1 night
  • Add a payment directly
  • Temporarily unallocate the booking to make space to shuffle bookings.

Possibly more options to come, watch this space!

Retain Scroll Position on Calendar
One for the larger properties! After scrolling down the page to select a booking, on return to the calendar the page will auto-scroll to make sure the booking that was clicked is still visible

Sticky Headers (update)
After some more testing on Apple products, it does seem that this new function may not perform quite as well in Safari as there is a pronounced lag. Unfortunately this is not something we can currently improve but recommend that you switch to using Chrome on your Apple devices which seems to work fine. Quick reminder you can activate ‘Sticky’ headers in System Settings > Calendar > Enable Sticky Table Headers. Please give this a try, it really helps scrolling the calendar page.

Please email all questions, thoughts, ideas and other comments to support@abodebooking.com.

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