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Changes to cancelled bookings

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Dev Log, Updates

We have made some changes in the way that Abode handles cancelled bookings. Hopefully these will make these bookings easier to handle.

Where a booking can be deleted (showing in red with no details) the message prompt has been removed. This makes removing these bookings smoother.

Where one or more bookings in a group have been cancelled, these will now continue show in the group if there have been any payments or charges applied. These bookings will show as disabled but payments may still be applied. In addition, payments and charges associated with these bookings will show on the group invoice. This helps make it clearer where parts of groups have been cancelled with payments already applied. Thee payments then may be refunded and re-applied to other active bookings.

Cancelled bookings may now be reinstated by using the function button in the individual booking screen. The booking will be exactly the same as before it was cancelled but will be unallocated i.e. not in a room. The booking can then be allocated to a room from the calendar as normal.

Any questions or problems, please contact us: support@abodebooking.com

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